The Dust Hood.

Welcome to the site of the first CNC dust shoe with an unobstructed view of the tool and the material while cutting. The Dust Hood utilizes two suction pipes on either side of the spindle/router to keep the front area open. An aluminum bottom plate incorporates lighting and attaches to the spindle/router. A durable Lexan C-shaped brush frame with an open front locks onto the aluminum bottom plate by rare earth magnets. A custom Y-manifold attaches to the top of the spindle/router and incorporates a vacuum gage (manometer) and the 4" DC hose connection.

The Dust Hood fully collects wood dust and particles with cutting bits up to 1/4" at speeds up to 200 ipm. Larger bits, higher speeds and heavier materials such as some plastics and metals result in a collection rate of about 80-85%.

•  Tool and cutting area is fully open to view while cutting.

•  Built-in lights for tool and the cutting area.

•  Integrated vacuum gauge (manometer).

•  Custom Y-manifold with constant air velocity.

•  Flexible brush frame snaps in place with magnets.

•  Aluminum base plate.

•  Clear Lexan tubes.

•  Built-in exhaust deflector for Hitachi routers.

•  Base plate dimensions: 13.5" x 4.25".

•  Available with 3" and 2" brushes.

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•  Installation


Complete Dust Hood set:             $197.50

Select 2" or 3" brush length.

Shipping within the U.S.:    $19.95

Additional Brush Frames:             $49.50

Select 2" or 3" brush length.

Shipping within the U.S.:    $7.95

Brush Length

Brush Length

Available now for Hitachi M12VC.                                        

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